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Drifter Andreas
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22/07/2019 2:11 pm  

Hey Everyone! 
Just want to say welcome to the community and thanks for joining!
We're excited about this journey we're embarking on and we couldn't do it without your help and support. 

Running this kind of website and community is a little new to us so please bear with me if there are any troubles. 
Thanks again for all your kindness, and I look forward to sharing our expanded world with you all.
Creative Director 

New Member Drifter
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23/07/2019 5:19 am  

I am glad we can all join this voyage towards a role-playing community future.

Smie Grin
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01/08/2019 7:04 pm  

It's great to be here! I'm exited to give this game a go. =]

New Member Drifter
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07/08/2019 12:33 pm  

Picked up a flyer at Gen Con, I love the aesthetic, can't wait to watch this game take shape.

Smie Grin liked
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16/09/2019 10:43 pm  

Hey, a friend just linked this to me in telegram, I can't wait to spread the word about this, Still trying to wrap my head around the mechanics but this looks like it's going to be awesome!